2 years ago, a Yogi took us to the top of a mountain where he wanted to build a tiny house. In that place we found a lot of stones of different sizes and shapes scattered on the ground. The lichens of the stones told us that they had withstood many winters, laying undisturbed for more than a century. In another time, they could have been used to guard a herd of cattle, but could they be useful again? What added value could these stones have that materials such as steel or concrete don’t?

Meditation for a Yogi is the moment of union with supreme consciousness, immutable to the passage of time, eternal. The immutability of these stones before the passage of time can arouse that awareness of the supreme in yogis who come into contact with them, an immaterial quality that is irreplaceable.

We selected the stones one by one to fit one over the other and generated a surprising result: Casa Juno was born

LOCATION: Undués de Lerda, SPAIN
PROGRAM: Yoga Ashram Dormitory
FLOOR AREA: 70.5 m2
ARCHITECTURE DESIGN TEAM:  伊萊恩Lain Satrustegui, Javier Milara, Michael Blaeser, Laura Morales, 鄭乃寧 Lynn Cheng
CLIENT: Witryh Yoga School
YEAR: 2018