For many, mountains still hold a significant meaning derived from deep rooted traditional culture.  They often appear prominently in Taoist paintings, signifying a place where the “mountain man” can breathe the air of heaven and greet constellations face to face.

The project’s location in the mountains therefore inspired a response that connects occupants with these surroundings through taking advantage of views to nature wherever possible, with tall unobstructed windows that witness majestic mountains or soak in filtered daylight through privacy providing trees.  Reflective glass and purposefully smoothed edges establish a relationship with the environment, respectfully wearing mountains and trees backdropped by an ever-shifting sky.

The result is a residential home in and of the Taiwanese mountains, a refuge free and clear of the noise of Taipei city that trades the bright lights of glass modernity for an enveloping curtain of starlight and white clouds drifting on a cool morning sky.

LOCATION: Huacheng, New Taipei City, Taiwan
PROGRAM: Residential Home
FLOOR AREA: 785.7 m2
STATUS: Proposal
伊萊恩 Lain Satrustegui, Javier Milara, Michael Blaeser, ,劉牧懷 Mu Liou, Leiven Hwang, 賴亞恆 Willie Lion
CLIENT: Private
YEAR: 2019