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When you join the IMO team, you’ll become part of a dynamic and forward-thinking architecture and design firm that fosters a collaborative environment where architects, designers, technical experts and other professionals work together to inspire the world. To apply for a position at IMO in Taipei, please submit your CV, portfolio (PDF format, maximum 8MB) and cover letter to our email address


Internship Opportunities

Every year, we welcome prospective internship candidates to join IMO team at our Taipei office. We are seeking individuals with proficiency in 3D modeling, visualization, and general design. Basic fluency in English is required for effective communication. We encourage interested candidates to reach out.


IMO Team

IMO’s goal is to create an organization that is capable of inspiring people. This includes how we get things done, how we cooperate and how we allow the best ideas to win, regardless of hierarchy. We envision a future where, when we look back, we are proud of our collective achievements and the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken as a team. This will be a journey in which we aspire to find fulfillment in the work we do and the incredible people we share it with. Work is a fundamental part of our daily lives, and we firmly believe that it should serve meaningful purposes. These core beliefs define the roles at IMO and drive our commitment to fostering friendships and meaningful connections.


Work Flow

IMO’s standard working hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 with a one-hour lunch break. We encourage our team members to maximize their productivity during these working hours and efficiently complete the daily tasks. Whilst we cannot guarantee that overtime work will never be necessary, we still believe that it should be occasional rather than habitual. Great design requires the full capacity of team members, which is achieved with a healthy routine, sufficient rest and enough sleep.



The CEO and Board of Directors are responsible for creating a set of guiding principles and beliefs that shape IMO’s mission, values, and approach to design.
The design team is the neural engine that makes IMO’s goal “To create and Inspire the World” possible. Our design team is a collective of creative minds that work together, not just on their specific tasks, but also on actively supporting and assisting colleagues with other tasks.
The Financial Director develops financial strategies that align with the company’s vision and goals that guarantee long-term financial stability. They provide financial analysis and recommendations to support decision-making.
    • Admin Director
The Admin Director is responsible for office management, providing efficient and accurate administrative supports to ensure the smooth operations of the company. They are familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, procedures and time sensitive materials.
    • Admin Assistant
The Admin Assistant ensures that the workplace is well-maintained, organized, and equipped with the necessary resources and supplies. They implement administrative policies and procedures to enhance office efficiency and security in compliance with regulations. They maintain and organize important documents and records, both in physical and digital formats, to ensure easy access and retrieval.

Human Resource Officer

The Human Resource Officer is involved in decisions regarding hiring, compensation, and training programs to new employees, making sure that the company has the right talent in place. They develop and maintain company policies, including those related to employment, conduct, and safety.
    • Marketing Director

The Marketing Director promotes the brand image, vision, and philosophy of IMO by developing and executing marketing strategies to reach the right clients.


    • Marketing Specialist
The Marketing Specialist generates content such as blog posts, articles, visual templates, and videos to showcase the company’s latest activities and projects. They oversee the company’s website content to ensure it is user-friendly and up to date. They also evaluate the outcomes of marketing campaigns and the overall client relationship management process through a comprehensive CRM system.
The Legal Director is responsible for protecting the company’s legal interests, managing legal risks, providing guidance and setting policies to ensure that the company’s operations and projects are in full compliance with the law.
The IT Director manages IT infrastructure, including networks, workstations, and software applications to facilitate efficient teamwork and project coordination. They provide technical support for software applications used by architects and designers, as well as maintain multiple hardware devices.