In 2010 we started our first international competition in Asia where we competed with 151 international studios. We had absolutely no experience in working in such big projects in Asia and we associated with an experienced Spanish architecture office “Corona y Pamaral” which played a fundamental roll supporting us.

During the process we had to deal with few difficult situations, and the amount of we did was extreme. However, when we won the competition, we lived an unbelievable experience, it was a really special moment.

Despite the challenges of the project, it finally started construction in 2015. We can’t wait to see it built in 2017!

COMPETITION: 1st Prize International Competition
PROGRAM: Performance Halls, Exhibit Area and Commercial Area
FLOOR AREA: 70.900 m2
ARCHITECTURE DESIGN TEAM: – Principal Core: Antonio Alejandro, Manuel Alvarez-Monteserin, Guiomar Contreras, Antonio Corona y Arsenio P. Amaral, Andres Infantes, Jorge Lopez, Beatriz Pachon, Sara Perez, Lain Satrustegui, Javier Simo
– 2nd PHASE INCORPORATORS: Ismael Garcia Abad, Angel J. Abruna, Javier Aguirre, Ignacio Alvarez-Monteserin, Beatriz Crespo, Javier Gutierrez, Jaime Lopez, Maria Mallo, Laura Martin, Alicia Domingo Medrano, Luis Marcos Nieto, Pablo Salvador, Teresa Santas
– Local Architects: HOY Architects & Associates/ Mark Ongg
– Consultancies: Xu Acoustic (Acoustic), Old Farmer (Landscape), Arup (MEP), Theatre Project (Scenography), Boma (Structure)
CLIENT: Kaohsiung Government
YEAR: 2010