Taichung Taizhong Airpark 台中飛機場 台中 臺中
Taichung Taizhong Airpark 台中飛機場 台中 臺中
Taichung Taizhong Airpark 台中飛機場 台中 臺中
Taichung Taizhong Airpark 台中飛機場 台中 臺中


The XueShan mountain ranges of Taiwan, with their rich verdant valleys give life to fertile planes and deltas that stretch to the sea where the people of Taiwan live and work.  Nowhere is this geographic identity clearer than in Taichung, the heart of Taiwan.  This is where on a hill overlooking the coast sits the site of Taichung International Airport with its’ surrounding commercial and industrial program.  It is this vital identity that drives the visual design of the masterplan, who’s flowing curves and seamless integration into surrounding program draw inspiration from Taiwan’s diverse geography. It creates a unique experience that belongs to its surrounding environment and benefits the Airport, the Industrial park, and Taichung City.

The Terminal

Beneath the flowing terminal roof and landforms are flexible spaces imagined for uses from today to beyond 2040, where innovative evolving technologies and developments will enable a less obtrusive travel experience. The project connects seamlessly the Terminal with the landside commercial and leisure programs outside the traditional terminal. By placing the focal point of the design just in front of the terminal, commercial and leisure spaces can enjoy less restrictive requirements caused by expensive security concerns, which enables more financial health and stability for tenants.  Strategically placed in-between the main terminal building and commercial/ leisure programs are ground transportation hubs and MRT which are to promote optimal shared use.

Local Industry

For industry, a nearby innovative industrial park and even more closely located commercial office campus enable a synergistic relationship that can directly benefit the Terminal, Industry and even Taichung City as a whole.   This is achieved through utilizing the large, flexible spaces in the terminal and landside programs as platforms for the integration of locally developed technologies relating to air travel.  The design also has an integrated exposition space that can be utilized for industry showcases as well as public conventions.  These factors establish Xueshan Airpark as an aerospace development capital of the region.

Taichung City

The project is beyond an Airport, it’s an Airpark; a place for travelers and Taichung Citizens alike. It is easily accessible, incorporating public ground transportation and the MRT while also creating large indoor-outdoor spaces that provide platforms for special events, performances, picnics, outdoor activities, etc. to drive interest. They are flanked by commercial and leisure program the gently rise to meet the Terminal, creating a relationship of mutual benefit through a larger pool of potential users resulting in a healthier financial Environment for the Airport, the Industry and the City.

The result is a new destination where Taiwanese and travelers alike can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, additionally providing local industry workers a place located nearby to spend their time serving to even further bolster the Airpark’s success.  In sum, new Xueshan Airpark’s design strategies elevate it as a premier destination, empowering Taichung’s identity and recognition, and dissolving traditional obstacles to make way for the creation of The Gateway to the Heart of Taiwan.

LOCATION: Taizhong, Taiwan
PROGRAM: Airport, Landside Program, Industrial District.
INVOLVEMENT: Competition
DESIGN TEAM (Random order): 陳薇晴 Weiching Chen, Michael Blaeser, 伊萊恩 Lain Satrustegui, Javier Milara, Mario Hidalgo, Julen Fernandez.
LOCAL PARTNERS: AECOM, WSP Taiwan, OCEM Airfield Technology, To70, 德勒國際財務顧問公, 君奕都市計畫技師事務所.
CLIENT: Taizhong City Government
YEAR: 2020