This is a project that we all love. The nature of the site is amazing. When we visited the site, the feeling of being surrounded by nature, the wet grass, the sound of the birds, the smell of the morning fog, the old leafy trees… was indescribable. It was clear that the main challenge of the site was how to integrate a Weather Station in such a magnificent environment.

This project achieved that dividing the Weather Station into 3 buildings and using an ondulating roof to help those buildings establish a gentle relationship with the ground.


LOCATION: Undués de Lerda, SPAIN
PROGRAM: Yoga Ashram Dormitory
FLOOR AREA: 70.5 m2
ARCHITECTURE DESIGN TEAM:  伊萊恩Lain Satrustegui, Javier Milara, Michael Blaeser, Laura Morales, 鄭乃寧 Lynn Cheng
CLIENT: Witryh Yoga School
YEAR: 2018