Today more than half of the world lives in cities and by 2050 it will be over the 70%. Although our world is becoming more and more noisy, at the same time, more and more people decide to follow a path of self-improvement and increase of awareness.

Witryh is an exceptional place to make this transformation possible because in addition of a very complete Yoga training it´s located in an idyllic location, at 840 meters high, peaceful, sunny, with flora, fauna and extraordinary views of a lake and the Pyrenees.

The role of the architecture is to encourage the construction of an alchemical space: a place that welcomes the human being on the way to raise its vibration facilitating contact with nature and with its inner self.

LOCATION: Undués de Lerda, SPAIN
PROGRAM: Yoga Ashram
SITE AREA: 70000 m2
DESIGN TEAM (Random order): 伊萊恩Lain Satrustegui, José María Crespo, Javier Milara, 詠森Jon Sáenz del Castillo.
CLIENT: Witryh Yoga School
YEAR: 2016