Architectural Institute of Taiwan 台灣建築學會會刊雜誌

Architectural Institute of Taiwan 台灣建築學會會刊雜誌

Have you ever thought about how to observe reality?

IMO的合夥建築師伊萊恩「台灣建築學會」會刊雜誌第80期發表了一篇文章「真實的魅力The Magic of Reality」. 

The magazine “Architectural Institute of Taiwan”, in its 80th number, published IMO’s Partner Lain 萊恩 Satrustegui’s article called “The Magic of Reality”. 
We highly recommend you to give a look at this publication, full of interesting articles from a wide variety of architects and professors gathered by the Visiting Editor Jr-Gang Chi
And you, how do you observe and feel reality?

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