IMO Architecture 好事成雙三合院

IMO Architecture 好事成雙三合院


團隊: Da-Fong Chang (張大豐), Shang-Ke Huang (皇上科), 伊萊恩 Lain Satrustegui

As a foreign architecture office, it is always a challenge to work on projects where a foreign culture plays a dominant role. This was the case in this Sanheyuan that a musician wanted to build in Yilan, Taiwan.
It was a very interesting process where we worked together with the client to overcome some of the singularities of the site and explore the essence of the traditional Sanheyuan.
The result: a Double Sanheyuan that keeps some of the essential aspects of the traditional typology but that it also incorporates some other elements in order to get adjusted to the living standards of the 21st century.

DESIGN TEAM (Random order): Da-Fong Chang (張大豐), Shang-Ke Huang (皇上科), 伊萊恩 Lain Satrustegui

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