The 1st Weather Station in the World that Reacts to the Weather Starts Construction

Weather Station Starts Construction
IMO Team Members (Left to Right) Lain Satrustegui 伊萊恩 , Peter Boronski, Urdaneta Zeberio, Chen Wei Ching, Michael Blaeser, Julen Fernandez

As our climate changes and weather phenomena such as typhoons become more and more extreme, the need to understand and predict them becomes increasingly vital. Taiwan’s climate and meteorological scientists stand as a shield against these events, providing predictions that save countless Taiwanese lives each year. Their efforts though can’t be accomplished alone. Connecting with and educating the public to help mitigate this change is just as vital as the tools they use to measure them. That’s why the architects at IMO Architecture & Design + JC Cheng Architects, Associates and Planners believe that Taiwan’s newest and most advanced Weather Station + Meteorological Instrument Center to be built in Xindian, should do more than just house laboratories; it should empower and inspire the people who use and visit it.        

Weather Station Starts Construction

Lain Satrustegui, Partner architect of IMO, explains that “architecture needs to inspire people”. Lain continues “Nobody is interested in data alone, they need to feel an experience, feel the connection with natural elements like rain, wind, sun… This project is an expression of weather’s constant change.” This is communicated through a façade composed of 345 fins that each respond to the movement and moisture of the air, moving and changing in appearance over time. Their perforated Corten steel surfaces allow for views to the verdant natural surroundings while simultaneously shading the interior from Taiwan’s harsh summer sun. More importantly, they make the users aware of the movement of the sun throughout the day. The building also communes with its natural surroundings through integration of the local landscape environment into a sweeping, organic roof design that assists in the collection of rainfall. These elements assembled create the world’s first meteorological station that reacts to natural conditions.


Beneath the façade will be housed Taiwan’s largest and fastest Metereological Wind Tunnel (with wind speeds of up to 216km/h) as well as the country’s most advanced Meteorological Instrument Center. The facility will have an important role in disaster prevention, conducting 24-hour surface meteorological observations 365 days a year that can help predict dangerous weather events such as typhoons. The project is the result of a collaboration between New Taipei City Government and the Central Weather Bureau, which will also be the first and only facility in Taiwan to assist in collecting data about the health of the earth’s important shield against the suns UV radiation, the ozone layer, by conducting twice a day observations through high altitude weather balloons.       

Weather Station Starts Construction

Just as data can be used to convey climate change, the Design can be used to convey the significance and purpose of the building and those who inhabit it. The unique structure will serve as a device to inspire curiosity and interaction in current and future generations, facilitating the human connection with nature that the public face of the Weather Station hopes to create.  With a little luck, it may even contribute to reversing the effects of climate change on this oasis in the stars we call Earth.


The building officially began construction on September 12th 2019 and is expected to open to the public by 2021.  The Ground Breaking Ceremony was hosted by New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-Yi with special guest Jose Luis Echaniz, General Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce attending among other distinguished guests. #Weatherstationstartsconstruction #Architecture #ForeignArchitectsinTaiwan #AwardWinning

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